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VIATICUM - Journey of A Soul

Author: Akshat Sharma
Binding: Paperback (pp: 50)
ISBN: 978-8182531826
Pub. Date: 2010
Price: $10

"When you live. you face life ..." 

Everyone in this world, is born .... and everyone shall die . But what makes our life is not what we see ,or hear but what we feel, ain't it ? 

Viaticum - Journey of a soul, a collective work of poems talks of all myths and paths our life turns and leads us to. Struggle, joy, Fight, Love, Betrayal, Darkness, everything a man experiences makes him a new person.

"Rising from the ashes.. that seem to burn the ground.... inflaming my routes of life deep in hell around"- Its all about falling down and getting up again.

It's inevitable. 

I am you, we are all one, we think we aren't, but that just another anomaly rationalizing the fact that we are same. Me, you, we all are. Our thoughts lead to distinct discretion of our souls. once we start living in subconscious, we realize this. I don't want to make you believe what i do, or, lead you astray from yours but if i do, that means you never believed in what you thought you did. My desires are not same as yours, nor are my grievances. How you sacrifice and how you forgive.



I read this book with real interest. The reviewing of other people’s work, does as always feel at the start, quite draining because having worked as an editor for some time it is so often that you pick up work and say either this is pretentious rubbish or it is poetry.

By that phrase I mean poetry that looks at the beautiful things in the world, not of course that that is a bad thing and I know that this poetry appeals to a great deal of people. But, that type of work says very little of life and the chronicling of it.

So, as you can see I have accepted the job of reviewing this work you can probably tell already that I found it worthy of my time.

As I started to read I could see that it was an important work of poetry and I will tell you why I think that. The words here tell of another side of poetry a niche that is far different from the run of the mill and this should stand it out by itself.

There is life in these pages, much tells of a great pain but in an almost liberating way. The writer is expelling a part of himself. He is using that force, that some of us cannot bear to see or use. This is poetry and some will not want to believe that but I say, no, you are wrong and he is right. Some people may even have trouble reading this text. It is, as you would expect written with precise words that the writer has chosen carefully to magnify the impact that they will have.

I do not know a great deal about this poet but at a guess I would say that he has found a real release and canvas for what he wants to do. Maybe he is at the start of his poetic quest and I say that only because I can recognise the pain there and the need for it to come out. He has found a way to purge something from himself but perhaps this is only the formation and a metamorphosis into a different style.

I await volumes two and three 
with much interest.

Author BIO
Akshat Sharma

Akshat “The Reflection” Sharma is an aspiring poet, growing off from shades of different psyche of human life. A musician at heart, a thinker via soul, and a vocalist by choice – Akshat, writes about anything and everything that can trigger his thoughts to wander aimlessly to a destination of words that would flow out to portray the inbound emotions of a human essence.

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