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The Golden Avatar & The Indigo Avatar

Author: Michael Aigen
Binding: Paperback (Pages 120)
ISBN: 81-8253-004-0
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Pub. Date: 2004
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SCENE VI - Back In Vrndavana

Putana, appearing very beautiful,
Enters the residential quarter of Nanda Maharaja,
Where Yasoda is caring for Krsna in the yard.
Yasoda sees her from across the yard and wonders:
'Who is this? She has a such a shapely form.
She is so nicely decorated with earrings, and flowers.
Her waist is so thin, and she has an attractive smile.
Perhaps this is Laxmi, the goddess of fortune
Appearing in Vrndavana with a lotus flower in her hand.
It seems she has come to see Krsna,
Who is an incarnation of Narayana, her husband.'
Putana see baby Krsna lying on a small bed, and says:
'This child can destroy the whole universe with His beauty.
I am an unfortunate mother who has lost her child.
Please have mercy on me and allow me to nurse your son.'

Author BIO
Muniraja Bhaktipada

Muniraja Bhaktipada: Born NYC 1950; Bar Mitzvah 1963; married 1982, 2 children; School # 9 Clifton NJ, Columbus Jr High, Maine Endwell Senior High, 2 years Columbia College 1968-70, was there at Woodstock, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, Suny Binghamton, ISKCON 1970-75 (aka Muniraja), Software Engineer by profession

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The Golden Avatar & The Indigo Avatar

The Golden Avatar & The Indigo Avatar
Michael Aigen
ISBN: 81-8253-004-0