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Angelic Hymns of a Life Once Burdened

Author: Adam Levon Brown
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789388125345
Pub. Date: 2018
Condition: New
Price: $12

Angelic Hymns of a Life Once Burdened is a plea for humanity (and myself) to dig up the buried roots of life, even if the shovel is a bit rusty and overused.

This book symbolizes freedom of love coupled with nature. It invokes higher powers to surge through the body and heal the bottled up pieces which may have been left full of dingy water for too long. Themes include nature, love, food, animals, spirituality, and accepting your true self through soothing verse. This book utilizes metaphor, assonance, alliteration, and mostly prepositional poetry. Caressing the reader’s eyes and heart, along with emboldening rebirth is the main purpose of this chapbook. Nature, animals, flowers, food, and angels are just a few of the central figures contained within. There are inspiring pieces which dwell in the caves of dark being, only to find their way to light towards the end. There are also sweet nothings entombed within convoluted language, which hopes to unravel the reader and stitch them back into whole beings.




Author BIO
Adam Levon Brown

Adam Levon Brown is an internationally published poet and author in 14 countries. He identifies as Queer and Neurodivergent. He has had his work translated in Spanish, Albanian and Afrikaans. Boasting upwards of 300 published pieces, you can find his writing at such publications as Burningword Literary Journal, Angel City Review, Firefly Magazine, Epigraph, Ariel Chart and many more. He was longlisted in the 2017 Erbacce Prize poetry competition. 

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Angelic Hymns of a Life Once Burdened

Angelic Hymns of a Life Once Burdened
Adam Levon Brown
ISBN: 9789388125345