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GloMag (February 2018)

Author: Edited by Glory Sasikala
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789386653451
Pub. Date: 2018
Price: $20

Either way, GloMag remains a euphoria, engaging all your senses at once. Perhaps you are sitting in solitude beneath a bough, besides a lake, and you turn the pages. Suddenly, a hundred voices are talking to you, capturing your thoughts. Time stands still, and you become engrossed, oblivious to anything but these beautiful writings, expressions, and pictures. Your soul dances in ecstasy, participates in a cosmic experience, it sways and chants. Somewhere someone is telling you about duality, someone tells you about a forlorn house without music, someone shows you how to love, and someone raises questions about existence itself.

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GloMag (February 2018)

GloMag (February 2018)
Edited by Glory Sasikala
ISBN: 9789386653451