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Ann's Poems

Author: Margaret Ann Waddicor
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789386653147
Pub. Date: 2017
Price: $19

Nature plays a major role in poetry, and as in nature man's poetry is strung out like the morning dew, and hangs in beautiful strings-like beads, each bead a tale to tell, each a glint of joy, of sadness, of puzzlement, creating a great tome of knowledge that expounds his mind, his soul, his senses and his visions. I have known this intuitively, as to me, the sound of poetry, is the musical flow I like to express; as if one were taking one's whole being, as in the dance, and using the complete mental and physical essence to rhythmically dance a poem; not only writing with the contact of the pen but with keen concentrated attention, plumbing every corner of my being in the process.The timeless side of life exposed, with the subtle unfolding of the petals of the most magnificent blooms, personified by the poet in the same manner as the Zen painters who, with sudden burst, exploded their paint onto the opaque white sheet, and gave it life.


Editorial Reviews

The most striking characteristic of these poems in the poetry collection is that the poet is fully convincing and impressive in an apt choice of words and phrases charged with deep emotion and intense imagination. The poetic thought reveals an attractive insight that will certainly appeal to readers. --Santosh Kumar, Editor,

Author BIO
Margaret Ann Waddicor

British, born in Somerset, at school in Derbyshire, Art college in Leicester, six years in adult education, painting and pottery, left for Norway and have lived here ever since, publishing two books with my friend, one on Norway in English, and one on Andalusia in Norwegian, also many articles in magazines on travel and art, specially prehistoric art. Fabric Printing and National Diploma of Design, NDD. Ran a Pottery, painting, mostly water colours, paper sculpture, painting on silk, writing and recently poetry, photography and creative photography. Played the violin and piano. Fenced for my county. On writing, I found hidden treasure chests deep in my subconscious mind that I could plunder, and that sent me into ecstasies of excitement, and this elation poured out in the form of prose or poetry. For me it isn't a calling, it is like breathing, a part of my existence expressing itself.

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Ann's Poems

Ann's Poems
Margaret Ann Waddicor
ISBN: 9789386653147