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The Dancing Leaves Create Music Dust is Blowing...

The Dancing Leaves Create Music Dust is Blowing...
Author: Mousumi Roy
Format: Hardback
Language: English
Pages: 65
Price: Rs. 200
ISBN Number: 978-81-8253-238-0
When I took Dancing Leaves Create Music Dust is Blowing... in my hands- I felt like a desert breeze flowing through my crazy traces... And was strangely reminded of Keki Daruwalla's "Love across the salt Desert". As I flipped through the pages, I found stalwarts of literature whispering into my ears- “go on! She has treasures buried under the sand.”
Mousumi or rather- I would call her sand maiden from distant shores herself murmured,” Enjoy the present”-It felt soothing to know
‘’wanted to give you
 A sky with
Full of stars...”
-is this the way we should always commensurate our relationships. Perhaps, yes- you should quieten down your worried soul to listen to –
“...The song of cicadas/
 And thrushes...”
With Libya beckoning a new dawn-her “Future Image” gathers small snippets of how a race had issued as an undercurrent to a sombre society- as if within its gurgling belly you could hear the war cry reverberating-the words cataclysmic shudder- is most threatening creation so far. Hold on, you don’t really need to took far trying to fit your social milieu into the womb of a mother- just look deep- Roy would help you see
 “In all caves of desires/
And possession...”
-that’s-“Life’s Unjust” according to her.
Incredulity of an age lost in the struggles of the human mind both within and without- Roy tries to speak nothing euphoric- she simply states- what she feels she simply has too. Like the rugged terrains or the merciless deserts, like the perilous thick groves and the dense outgrowth- it’s all a mirage from pure poetry to poetic prose- wielding its way through the kaleidoscopic visions of free verse. Oscillating in stoic imagery- least will you wish to get rid of “confusion”- as you take a stroll down the “Mountain Roads”- you meet with your fragile identity-or is it the mountain herself calling out to you through the lines:
“Seeking solace
Quiet and silence
Distress in tears
Rested together...”
Something comes in between weaving on the remnants of your dismantled memories – enclosing it in the cast of-
“a cycle of
Unalterable seasons...”
Like a frolicking maiden, Mosumi Roy seems to follow her maiden muse through the worlds of knowing shadows- opening her “visual acoustic world” in front of our eyes, reminding us about “
“Mother’s mind and Women’s Mind
She vowed that never to forget
That again..”
I have been so long talking about phrases from her book The Dancing Leaves Create Music Dust is Blowing...simply because until you understand the way to pronounce the letters properly you fail to read the words perfectly- the poetess in question is too deep to give away her fleeting thoughts- to know her mind- you will have know her words.

about the author:

Born in Kolkata, Mousumi Roy, lived mostly in Kolkata. She is presently living in Muscat, Middle East. She is an ardent lover of poetry and literature. Her Poems already published in Brown Critic, South African Journal and other international Journals including in Middle East. Her Articles had been also published in Journals in India and in Gulf Region.

- Reviewed by Shreya Chatterjee