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Of faithlessness!

Of faithlessness!


Of faithlessness!
Afternoon, Mumbai, Monday, May 23, 2011

Some Women Will Never Change by Mehernosh Kapadia is a potboiler of a book based on the passions and intrigues of tinseltown.

Sultan Khan was one a Bollywood superstar and his relationship with Ashoo, a former Miss World, was a headline news of the time. But their association soured and Sultan even went to the extent of embezzling Ashoo’s finances.

But Ashoo emerged from the breakup even more determined to succeed in life. She has inherited a vast billion dollar business empire, from her husband – Rabbani and this is something Sultan cannot cope with. The endless Benito Luciano, an Italian gigolo to woo Ashoo and he does it with finesse, providing the book with its passionate moments.

Some women will never change
by Mehernosh Kapadia
Price Rs. 300