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Poet Joseph S. Spence, Sr., Remembering Matsuo Bashō and Yaso Buson

Poet Joseph S. Spence, Sr., Remembering Matsuo Bashō and Yaso Buson

This amazing book, The Awakened One Poetics, by Joseph S. Spence Sr., is such a wonderful book to read.  It captures inspirational thoughts and enlightens the spirit within the soul.   You will experience its beauty, love, peace, harmony and tranquillity in the form of Haiku poems.  You will also experience the delight that transcends time and the universe, as it captures the most precious things in life within the art of a poem.   

These Haiku poems (started by Matsuo Bashō) are translated from English, the universal language, into seven other languages; you may be familiar with one.  The author, Mr Joseph Spence, Sr., has also provided wonderful sketches that he created.  Included are also some of his other beautiful poetic pieces, especially the Epulaeryu Poetry which he invented.  I am honoured to have read his work; I have the utmost respect for the Author and his poetic artistry. 

Haiku requires internal thoughts to capture the meaning and the spirit of poem written in silence. In this respect, it is a characteristic of phenomena arising from the fact (as observed and taught by the Buddha) that the impermanent nature of form means that nothing possesses enduring identity. The Buddha's spiritual teaching regarding insight into the emptiness of phenomena is that which leads to wisdom and inner peace, like the Haiku poems in this book. 

Take a journey through the pages no matter what language you speak. These poetic words will paint wonderful pictures through imagery in your mind, tantalizing thoughts that will whisper to you of peace, love and joy. Whilst lifting the spirit within you, they will capture the very essence of your heart and soul with inspiration and humility.

The author has created something quite unique as well as his English Haiku poems. His art in creating the Haiga poems (started by Yaso Buson during the Edo period) with his poetic artistry and drawings must be also admired.

Each language translation brings its own images of beauty whereby solidifying its art form, the Haiku poem.  The diversity of this book holds the meaning of life and love, two very important gifts in this world. This book should make a beautiful gift to give and to own.

Written by Leokadia Durmaj:
Poet and author of My Journey Through Life Love and Passion.
I translated the Haiku into Polish and co-translated with Krystyna Ratkun into French.