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The Evangelies of Birds of Prey

The Evangelies of Birds of Prey

Book Review: The Evangelies of Birds of Prey by Azsacra Zarathustra

Format: Paperback
Price: 15$
ISBN: 9788182532830
Genre: Philosophy
Author: Azsacra Zarathustra

The most fascinating part about reading Azsacra's works is that you are denuded from your frame of mind and are almost pushed into believing what he writes. As much as an atheist that I am, I was at times caught unaware when I almost felt like someone as Godly as God was talking to me. In a language so lucid that I could touch it's depth and yet, too cryptic to be deciphered.

Though I have been following his writings quite closely, his book, The Evangelies of Birds of Prey is my most recent purchase. I have lived with this book for about a month now and have been able to finish it now. The longest time I have taken so far, when it comes to reading a book! So my first caution would be, to those who think Spirituality is a cake-walk. And not just that, but for all those who feel that studying about Spirituality is for the idle-minded. You need to have the patience, depth and humility to read this book. It is one of those books that require you to be isolated from the world while you are reading it and it takes some part of you, re-defines it and presents it back to you, as you reach the end-cover page.

But his sense of spirituality is something that I have not hitherto experienced. He does not talk of salvation or what one does after his death. Azsacra on the other hand, talks of Man and God in this very world. He in this book, both ascertains as well as condemns God, or any such power that is deemed superior to the power of Man. He touches the sensitive knot between the human strangle for power and the hitherto unquestioned supremacy of power of the God.

As obvious to the title of the book, he through the imageries of Birds-the owls,eagles, larks : Animals-wolves, snakes,Scorpio: Religious Symbols- Water, Fire, Flower and Emotions such as Anger, Pride, Envy and Hatred  he defines how God is both the hunter and the pray, just like Man is. Then how is God superior to Man? As opposed to the prophecies of earlier thinkers, he asserts that "God is a suicide attacker.He dies every second, in point of fact, he overtakes Death before any dying."
"He never takes anybody else's pain: He is Pain within Pain, Death within death, Horror within horror."
Thus he reinstates that there exists no binary between God being good and Evil being Bad, and therefore he says that "It is imperative not only to be Beyond of good and evil but to Annihilate Evil and to Extirpate Good, to detach the cruelty of God from the cruelty of humankind."

In the above statement you would also notice how he wishes to clearly differentiate between Man and God.
In fact according to his philosophical concepts of the Overman and the Overnouman, he stresses that When Man combines His Will of Power, then he becomes a Man who has the strength as equal to as God. That high status of his Power can be reached only by following a certain form of living and disciplining of his life.
Notice the intensity of the Picture in the end Cover.. The Kiss on the Bird's beak and the tear from his eye. Beautifully created!

Those who wish to read alternate forms of Philosophy that actually makes more sense and seems more plausible than the extra-terrestrial, super-natural phenomenon that explain most of our cultural ethos should most definitely read Azsacra Zarathustra's books that are easily available over the net.

-Priyanka Dey, Managing Editor at Verse and Verbs Magazine, University of Delhi -
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences