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Life after Death and Other Poems

Author: Dr. Prof. G.S. Kushwaha
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789385945748
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Pub. Date: 2017
Price: $15

Every literary artist has some meticulous aims and point of views and gives a sensible vent to concentrate and express them. I have solemnly tried to focus on the contemporary trends witnessed in human relationship, awareness of political and social injustice and artificiality operating at all levels and atmosphere where we experience our joys, miseries, the loss of compassion and tolerance.

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Dr. Prof.G.S.Kushwaha

Govindprasad Shyam Lal Kushwaha was born in a small village Korari, District Fatepur, U.P. in 1944. He did his elementary education locally and High School and Intermediate education at various places in his district. He passed B. A. in English, Education, and Economics from University of Allahabad in 1966, then moved to Gujarat in 1967 and completed his M. A. in English from Gujarat University, Ahmadabad and Ph.D. degree from Agra University in 1995.

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Life after Death and Other Poems

Life after Death and Other Poems
Dr. Prof. G.S. Kushwaha
ISBN: 9789385945748