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Author: Jogi
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182535466
Pub. Date: 2014
Price: $15

@Dreams is a journey of three youngsters about finding ways to achieve their dreams in college. It's a story of love, laughter, friendship, struggle, inspiration and lifelong learning. It unfolds the maze of life through learning therapy to transform life in the direction of dreams.



An awesome novel !

@Dreams is the story of a self-made man inspired by his ultimate dreams...a story that inspires Youngistan...every eye that has a dream would definitely find a lot worth following in the novel

- Vandana

In minimum words ...this book is someone says..straight from the heart. For the people who crave  for something to read,This is going to be like a fresh air ...easy to read and understand.

The first time writer has tried to put into words the journey of a boy from a very humble background who goes on to touch skies through ,of course, his share of obstacles , ups and downs and struggles. The language is simple,easy and very passionate. Narration is seamless which doesn't deviate very often...Storyline is engaging ,dramatic and identifiable .

Of course ,being the maiden creative effort of this Engineer-by-profession ,the venture is not without Its own share of natural shortcomings and flaws.. which ,however, are conveniently negotiable. Go for it ,Dreamers

 - Brijesh Kumar

I can never imagine that the hard truths of life can ever be termed as learning therapy...No matter how much favorable or unfavorable the situations n feelings are. The most fascinating n intriguing were the different characters named Umang, Virat and  Samar... i couldn't help myself for not reading this book at one go in a single night..every feeling of all the characters is expressed prominently and profoundly... work is done at its best... feels satisfied after reading it...☺☺


@Dreams... One of the most beautiful and inspiring book that I ever read till now... I can name it as a perfect Master piece...Words are neatly woven in such a way that every word directly touched my heart... The endless efforts are seen in every frame...Indeed I have fallen in love with learning therapy.

Each and every character is inspiring in their own way. Nothing is missed,laughter, friendship, goals, parents, happiness, Dreams...everything is there. I would strongly recommend the book to everyone who wants to make his dreams true...Every dreamer must read the book to follow his heart and dreams!


Author BIO

More of a dreamer, learner, leader, reader, traveler, explorer and changemaker than just being an IT professional.



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ISBN: 9788182535466