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Author: Vishal Bhojwani
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9789381696163
Publisher: Rochak Publishing
Pub. Date: 2013
Price: $15


“When you aim high and you want to create a difference all you need is a SPARK from you heart.“

Spark, it is simply a sculpture that is explaining and reveling broad range of very basic and fundamental parameters through which life passes, the parameters that are involved during the our journey to death from the very first day of our existence such as learning feelings, emotions, passion, love, fantasies, enthusiasm, aggression, creation, formation etc.

This sculpture has fundamental units called poems that describe these uncertain parameters with limited certainty under the limits of improper understanding within a proper manner.

Spark is a book of poems that consist of around 70 poems. Each poem has its own unique depth. There is variety of creation extending from the most wonderful world of love, its description and explanation, to the not least another far end full of pain, difficult and awkward moments.

From the world of passion, enthusiasm and motivation to the disgusting aggression, frustration and fear with failure it is hidden somewhere in the depth.

The poems describe these uncertain parameters, uncertain because there is no certainty of their existence though they exist everywhere because of us, with limited certainty as certainly, there is no way to explain such things.

With different-different themes, every poem is designed to flow with an exclusive rhythm (let’s see if you can catch it…) and somewhere absolute rhyme scheme that will few times insist you to resolve within it, sometime persist you to solve the myth. You will within the parameter and you will have able to get the atmosphere and then…( and what happens with you, I am waiting to hear from you at spark.myexperience..)

At last every poem is wrapped with a theme that are images or any design that ultimately introduce you with something rare, pure and true.


Author BIO
Vishal Bhojwani
Vishal Bhojwani is a young writer from INDIA. He has introduced himself as viZacK via his debut book of poems SPARK. He writes poems, article, thought's, song lyrics in English as well as Hindi.
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Vishal Bhojwani
ISBN: 9789381696163