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In Love With Your Friendship

Author: Siddhartha Garg
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-93-81696-07-1
Publisher: Rochak Publishing
Pub. Date: 2012
Price: $15

"In India inter caste love or marriage is still taken as crime. Is there any particular age when you can fall in true love?? Or does your caste decide whom you can love. This story is about Siddhartha, a middle-class boy who lives in a small town. Everything is going good until he shifts to Delhi and meets the girl of his dreams. The girl was from a rich Jaat family and loves him a lot. Her family, displeased with their relationship, threatens Siddhartha and they are eventually separated.

Will she ever come back? Or would Siddhartha have to follow a different destiny?"


Author BIO
Siddhartha Garg

Siddhartha is a small town guy working in one of the leading industrial areas of the nation today. A journey that started with a handful of poems in the childhood never had the intentions to aim to be a writer someday. He started taking writing as his passion only when the shadow of love crafted the real Sid inside him. Starting off with a romantic novel, Sid promises to focus more on the non fiction books in future to raise the issues around the nation that people fear to talk about. He thinks some has to step forward and throw some light on them and he accepts his pen to be the biggest weapon in his armory. Join him in his fight! Love story!!! "You read those words and you think,its another run of the mill saga with a couple of broken hearts or a concocted love triangle,well ,when love is involved there are bound to be broken hearts but everyone has a different tale to tell and this is my tale,the one i lived,the one which taught me what love really is and the one which i want the world to know about,because love is complicated but its still beautiful."

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In Love With Your Friendship

In Love With Your Friendship
Siddhartha Garg
ISBN: 978-93-81696-07-1