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Testimonials - Taj Mahal Review

Yes, I did receive your wonderful publication "Taj Mahal Review" and am enjoying the readings. Forgive me for not responding sooner as I have broken my leg and many things have to be put on hold. I wish, also, to thank you for the lovely card with message you enclosed. Best wishes,

Mary, CA, USA

I am writing to inquire as to whether you have received and understood my e-mails (dated the 6th of January) regarding the cover page and manuscript correction of my book manuscript Collected Poems and Short Stories of Adam Donaldson Powell. I also would like to know if you can tell me when I can expect to receive the final proofs in the mail, and subsequent publication date. I have now had a chance to take a closer look at some of Cyberwit's previous publications (Explorers: A Collection of Contemporary Literature, Taj Mahal Review vol. 3 number 2 and Captured Images), and wish to commend you on the quality of your work. I have shared information regarding Cyberwit with several talented writer friends here in Norway, who are also excited to see the final book and who may become future Cyberwit publication contributors/customers.

Adam Donaldson Powell, Oslo, Norway

Yes, I received Taj Mahal Review and thank you. It is a lovely issue as usual and I enjoy it very much. Best wishes to you and everybody at Taj Mahal for this year 2005.

Eric Tessier, Les Lilas, France

Thank you so much for your Christmas Greeting and the books I ordered, which arrived Friday, January 7th, 2005. I am very impressed with the Taj Mahal Review and Explorers. I am a member of the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, an important historical organization, and with your encouragement, made my poetical performing debut there a few months ago. There is a Poetry Table, I have shown your books to other poets, they were very interested, and impressed, to say the least. Your anthologies and the Taj Mahal Review are so very well done - in the editing - binding, and printing, presentation. Your philosophy, depth of knowledge, commitment, are noble and admirable. Warm regards,

Barbara Elizabeth Mercer, CPA, Toronto, Canada

Just thought you would like to know I got the Taj Mahal books today via Air Mail.. Thank you for the extra one.. These books are such wonderful keepsakes for my family.. All my grand kids are in high school and in college and they bring them to school.. They are proud of their Gramma. It's also great having a very good friend from Rose Marie Steetrer's poems in your books.. She is a very good poet and very popular on Starlite. Hope you all have a great 2005

Del, WIsconsin, USA

I thoroughly am enjoying reading the stories/poems, (content). Also, I am honored that my poem, A CHANGE OF HEART, has been published in it and I wish to thank you. I hope you and yours had a wonderful Christmas-a safe holiday season-and looking forward to the best New Year to come for 2005. Again, thank you with all my heart!

Dana Kent Gallup, TX, USA

I received the Taj Mahal Review just in time for giving away as a perfect New Year gift to friends. The cover design of the journal is artistic and elegant in a simple way. The predominantly white colour with the picture of the Taj Mahal is, quite by accident, a fitting tribute to the monument in its 350th anniversary. You have put together a collection of poetry and stories covering a wide spectrum, which gives a panoramic glimpse of literature and culture of the entire world. Your efforts are truly laudable. I am filled with pride and humility for my modest participation in this collection, along with the authors of immense caliber and reputation. I wish you and your team every success and bright publishing years ahead.

Surendra Mohanty, UAE

Dear Dr. Kumar
Very nice timing! I received my copy of the Taj Mahal Review yesterday (17th July) and have been reading it since then. A very diverse and high quality anthology of works, I am most impressed and thoroughly enjoying reading it. Keep up the great work!! I wonder if you would be so kind as to forward my congratulations on a lovely collection of poetry to author Mariet van Knippenberg whose book A pebble Washed Ashore was included with the Review? Thank you in advance. Again keep up the good work Cyberwit!!

Alan McGourlayScotland, UK

I received the 2 copies of the June 2004 Taj Majal Review on time and in perfect condition. I was very pleased at the high quality and range of subjects of your international journal. Thank you so much for your efforts on behalf of writers world-wide. We all appreciate what you are doing.

Tony Donovan, WI, USA

It is I that would like to thank you folks, you do such a wonderful job, and give so much good to the world, and I am sure for love, towards all mankind. Your books are a treasure and a pleasure that I will hold dear for all of my life and then pass them on to my children, and hopefully theirs, you all deserver so much more for your efforts. And for giving some of us an opportunity to give to life what we can, thank you.

Nyal Thomas,OR, USA

I find myself deeply impressed by your work in putting together such a classy journal. I received the book today and I was pleasantly surprised. I haven't read any of the works yet but I expect to have many hours of pleasure as I go through every page. I did read the letter from the editor. Its message made me feel proud to be a part of your work. I share your strong conviction of helping the art of poetry thrive in the world. Poetry is so personal and brings together so many emotions that it is a true privilege to share it and hope it makes a difference. Please continue the wonderful work you're doing. With sincere gratitude.

Gloria Pimentel A, USA

"Dear Dr. Kumar,
I wanted you to know that I found your Taj Mahal Review to be a first class production and a wonderful read. There are so many great poems that have touched me from all over the world. I think that is what makes the Review so wonderful in that we gain insight into so many cultures from so many voices... After reading your short commentary, I knew you were a man after my own heart."

M. Rigsby, AL, USA