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Love in Verses - Book Review

Love in Verses - Book Review

Love in Verses-For you and Me

Price- Rs.130

Poetry is the most beautiful and poignant expression of them all. It is what at best, defines feelings, next to Silence. In today's times, writing a Novel seems to have become every other person's cuppa of cappuccino.  But with Poetry,one requires much more talent. But of course, we have no dearth of those, who love faking Talents too. But Love in Verses is a wonderful concept from the very beginning to the end. 94 Poems by 20 poets- all from the community of Poets Corner in a social networking site called Facebook. Who would have thought that a Social networking site would generate such a project!

Such anthologies have been doing the rounds in the Americas and Europe. But in India, this one is a gem of a piece. It has been a personal pleasure in knowing almost all the featured poets in here. And with that, I can also assure that the content of this book is of standard quality. The editorial team of Dr. Madhumita Ghosh and Mrs.Kavitha Rani did an excellent job with this book, as hundreds of entries flowed in within few days.

I Liked

- Madhumita Ghosh's Guns and Roses is a beautiful composition. The reader can almost imagine the imagery and  take in the deep metaphor in it.
- Karnika Mishra's All in the Dark interferes in the tussle between You and Me, with utter poignancy. It leaves the reader drenched with remorse and yet sweet ache.
- Satyn Bulchandani's My Black Pearl seems like seduction to me. It is as if someone is introducing me to my lover. The connection with the reader, especially if it is a female, is strong.
-Yaseen Anwar's Haiku, Silenht Wishes is simply breath-taking. It takes a lot of talent to emote in such a manner, in such less words.

I did not Like

The same problem of Disconnection, that I have with almost all poetry books. There is no connection between the poems.A short introduction would have made the reader connect to the poems in a better fashion.

Overall, reading this was a good experience! The very initiative deserves applause! And I really hope to see some more astounding works from the notorious world of Facebook, maybe then it shall become a better place to get ourselves addicted to, then!

-Priyanka Dey, Managing Editor at Verse and Verbs Magazine, University of Delhi -
Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences