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Poet, writer and teacher at 13

Poet, writer and teacher at 13

Poet, writer and teacher at 13, The Hindu, Staff Reporter, ALAPPUZHA, December 10, 2010

The author of three soon-to-be published English novels, about 400 poems in English and Malayalam, nearly 100 essays and a spoken English teacher to some who are more than three times her age. That is Aiswarya T. Anish, 13, an eighth standard girl from the seaside village of Arattupuzha, about 55 km from here.

The daughter of Anish and Tara, Aiswarya, a student of the S.N. Trust Central School, Nangiarkulangara, was fascinated with the way her teacher spoke English when she was in kindergarten. And like any other child of her age then, she was hooked onto the Cartoon Network channel, but in between learnt how the language was spoken on the channel.

Her poems include those on butterflies and flowers, with philosophy, social issues and much more coming in as she grew. With over 400 poems in her kitty now, the young poet is now planning to publish her works. With her poems quite popular on the internet through websites like, where she is a guest poet as well, and, to name a few, Aiswarya is preparing to get her works published early next year.

Aiswarya, who went to a spoken English training centre near her home last year, donned the garb of a spoken English trainer as soon as her course was over and now, her students, who reach her home in the evenings, on weekends and holidays, include not just the poor students of her village, but postgraduate teachers from various schools as well.

The titles of her novels are ‘Lost in Winter', ‘Till Sundown' and ‘The 9.30 Train to Heaven', the last one which is nearing completion. Aiswarya is a fan of William Wordsworth, Emily Dickinson, Charles Dickens and Shakespeare too. She herself has a number of fans across the world, most of them who read her work on the web and some of whom have even come down to Alappuzha just to meet her.