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The Sky of Poetry: An Anthology of Poems from Singapore

Attention Poets....

Deadline - Sept. 10, 2018

Poems invited for our forthcoming anthology

The Sky of Poetry: An Anthology of Poems from Singapore

Poetry is something celestial, heavenly and God gifted. It enables and uplifts both its creator and readers. Through sublime poetry, a poet can reveal the spontaneous overflow of his emotions. In short, poetry has high and excellent seriousness. So, to enhance the poetic sensibilities, our group is publishing World poetry anthology. We will accept published, unpublished and also simultaneous creations, but Cyberwit does not publish anonymous writings. We provide the perfect platform to showcase your talent to the whole world. Come share your creativity...


All Poems must be in English and the length of the poem should not exceed 25 lines. The length of the poems may be a few lines more, if the development of thought requires a further release of imagination. The poems may portray the whole range of human emotions. The poets are free to achieve a perfect freedom for their creative minds.

The poem must be an original creation of the author.

Give each poem a great title.

Poems can be rhyming and non-rhyming

Give your name and mailing address with the poems.

A 50-word note on yourself.

All copyrights remain the property of the author.

Proudly published by Cyberwit from the finest paper and composing including beautiful cover and design, Inklinks gives you the finest that the Publishing has to offer. A global feel with poets around the world.

Book will be in the form of Paperback, to be published by, India.

Dr. Santosh Kumar (India)

Editorial Advisor
Jean LeBlanc

Managing Editor
Dr. Karunesh Kumar Agrawal (India)


How to submit:
By email to