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Vizag Blue Author: Anil CS Rao

Vizag Blue Author: Anil CS Rao

Vizag Blue  Author: Anil CS Rao

Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 978-8182532137
Pub. Date: 2011
Price: INR 150

Overall ratings: 4 | 

The Plot
Vizag Blue is a graphic novel written by Anil CS Rao. The artwork has been done by Paul Manning along with Anil CS Rao. The story is about Kalpana who is undergoing a medical treatment. Her traumatic past which is responsible for her present condition beckons her time and again. Kalpana’s case is taken by Nurse Usha who brings her to Vizag believing that her conditions might improve. Things soon take dramatic turns and eventually the story reaches a satisfying conclusion.

The Style and Language

The idea of graphic novel is itself quite fascinating and the author has put in various elements to capture the right mood for the plot. The artwork complements the story and sometimes even speaks more than words. Credit must be given to the duo for such ‘detailed’ images that instantly captures the reader’s attention. Dialogues are apt and convey emotions along with the images. Over all the entire look of the book is quite delectable. 

Highs and Lows
The novel is like a short story that tries to capture various emotions, inner-conflicts of the chief protagonist and has been wonderfully supported by sketches that speak volumes about the characters. The author has dealt with the subject quite meticulously which lures the reader into the plot and is left asking for more. The low point of the book is perhaps the fact that it lacked certain details of the characters and the reader has to draw certain conclusions based on assumptions. 

Plot: 3.5 | 

Creativity: 4.5|

Overall Rating: 4 | 

Language and Style: 4 |  

Vizag Blues is a wonderful amalgamation of an enticing story and sketches that enhance the plot. The author has yet again delivered a book that may be savoured for a long time.