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Know Your Real Self: A journey towards inner peace and freedom

Author: Rachna Khemchandani
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9781537016979
Publisher: Cyberwit.Net
Pub. Date: 2016
Price: $15

THIS BOOK WILL PROVIDE ALL SPIRITUAL ANSWERS, CLARITY & SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE THAT YOU ARE SEEKING IN YOUR PATH AND WILL HELP YOU ATTAIN INNER PEACE & INNER FREEDOM. THIS BOOK WILL REVEAL THE ULTIMATE SPIRITUAL TRUTH AND WILL ENLIGHTEN YOU AND LIBERATE YOU. IT WILL ALSO HELP YOU ATTAIN INNER POSITIVE STRENGTH AND INNER HAPPINESS. IT WILL HELP YOU ATTAIN HIGHER STATES OF CONSCIOUSNESS. IT WILL ALSO REVEAL THE MYSTERIES OF ENLIGHTENMENT AND LIBERATION OR MOKSHA !............  I got a strong intuitive feeling to write this book so that more and more people can be benefited by it. I wanted to share my life’s journey & experiences in depth with readers and sadhaks/spiritual seekers who are on a similar path so that they can get insight and more clarity on lot of issues which will deepen their faith and help them to see their own journey in a different light. The other reason of writing this book is to help other sadhaks/spiritual seekers gain insight and learn from my experiences. I never intended to write this book for any name or fame or money but rather my main intention is to help other seekers on their spiritual path so that they can purify their inner selves and experience higher states of consciousness, inner peace and inner freedom. The book also has two very powerful meditations which will completely transform your life and help you in your spiritual growth and inner purification provided it is practised regularly with surrender and faith.

Author BIO
Rachna Khemchandani

My birth name is Rachna Khemchandani. My spiritual name is Shashwati. I have done my schooling from Loreto Convent in Lucknow, India. I did my graduation in arts from Lucknow University. I did my Masters in Business Administration from Jaipuria Institue of Management in Lucknow. I have worked as a training manager and soft skills trainer in the past. I left my job in 2005 when I decided to completely focus on my spiritual path. I was born in the year 1977 and from the very beginning I had spiritual inclination & devotion. I became more serious towards my spiritual path when I was 18 years old and after that there was no looking back. I kept on moving ahead with more and more intensity and focus till I realized my true self and inner freedom. I am currently living in Bangalore, India and playing a role of a spiritual guide and teacher helping, guiding and teaching a few selected students who are on this spiritual path. As a spiritual guide i help people to grow spiritually through my guidance and meditation techniques so that they can find their inner peace and happiness. Apart from this my major focus is also to help them achieve inner freedom and higher states of consciousness. My guidance is based on my personal experience and learning. I only preach what i practice.

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