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Water for all & other poems

Author: G Venkatesh
Binding: Paperback
ISBN: 9788182535626
Pub. Date: 2015
Price: $15

All human emotions can be associated with water. It embodies anger and turmoil, just as it symbolizes peace and well-being. The poems (or doggerels, if you may), in this compilation have water as the leitmotif the common strand running through all of them. The language and the construct are intentionally lucid. Poetic license has not been availed of, in order to reach out easily to a much wider readership than conventional, contemporary poetry does. Illustrations in the form of photographs and sketches have been used, and the poems and accompanying titbits of factual information, in their capacities as the rational counterparts, places them in context. Water has possibly been taken for granted over the years. Its value has been known only when the well has run dry , so to say. But during the last couple of decades, the long-overdue realisation of its importance has slowly dawned upon the world. Those who are blessed with abundant supplies should spare a thought for those who pine for even a few litres daily. This compilation is a modest step in the direction of promoting awareness. The Indian branch of the NGO Water for People will be the beneficiary of the royalties. Every copy sold will contribute to a charitable cause.

Author BIO
Venkatesh G.

At the time of publication, G Venkatesh is a 42-year old researcher based in Trondheim, Norway, where he lives with his wife. He has two Master's Degrees - one in mechanical engineering (Mumbai, India) and one in Industrial Ecology (Singapore-Germany).

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Water for all & other poems

Water for all & other poems
G Venkatesh
ISBN: 9788182535626